Truck Types

Counter Balanced - Industrial Lift Truck & All Terrain.
The most common form of forklift has a cantilevered construction that enables the load to be picked up, transported horizontally and vertically and delivered outside the wheelbase area.

However if you need to operate your truck in a restricted area, such as a narrow aisle then a standard Counterbalance Forklift might not be the most appropriate type of truck.

The average 4 wheel counterbalance forklift needs at least a 3.5m aisle to operate comfortably. For slightly narrower aisle widths a 3 wheel electric or Reach Truck may be more appropriate.

Counter Balanced


Pallet Stacker.
A Pallet Stacker is a pedestrian truck based upon a pallet truck but fitted with a mast in order to provide a cost-effective combination of stacker and pallet transporter.

Pallet Stacker

All Terrain

Reach Truck.
A Reach Truck has a load handler that can reach forward hydraulically for stacking and then be retracted for travelling.
However unlike a Counterbalance Forklift these trucks are only really suitable for internal use.

Reach Truck

A Side-loader is generally used to pick-up and transport long loads or several pallets next to each other. The loads are picked up at 90 degrees to the direction of travel. Multi-Way versions are available that enables all wheels to rotate by 90 degrees, so that the load can be easily transported in both directions.

Side-Loader Forklift


Narrow Aisle Truck.
As the name suggests, they trucks that are specifically designed for use within the narrow aisles of high density warehousing situations. Depending upon the height of the lift, these trucks are available with either a man-up or man-down operating facility.